Owners Tom & Lois Barta founded Wags2Whiskers Pet Services, LLC in the Spring of 2013.   Our goal is to maintain a small company-family feeling no matter how big we grow.  Having the flexibility to accommodate is very important to us and our clients!  We plan on staying this way!

The foundation of our business is built on the passion for helping pets have the greatest life they can.  We strongly believe that exercise plays a major role in the lifespan and quality of life of your pets.  We encourage daily walking, running & playing! 

How can we help?  We provide this with daily dog walks, outdoor off leash dog park and our new indoor facility for a smaller more contained environment.  

We haven’t forgotten the kitty’s!  We take our cat visits seriously and will feed, water, play, clean the litter boxes in your home so as not to disturb the routine they need in order to feel safe and happy!

We want to make life easier for pet owners and happier for their furry family members. We love animals and have gotten so much enjoyment taking care of ours and yours!

-Tom & Lois