Dog Walking Services

Dog Walks

Daily Dog Walking provides your dog an opportunity to get exercise, personal attention, affection and play, while you are at work or busy with other errands. Research shows that dogs who have enough exercise feel less stress, exhibit fewer signs of separation anxiety, and have a healthier social temperament. In simple terms: a walked dog is a happy dog. When you hire Wags2Whiskers Pet Services LLC , we’ll tailor a dog walking program that is customized to meet your dog’s specific exercise needs.

We offer choices of 30-minute or 45-minute walks . Dog walking is available 7 days a week from 8:00am - 6:30pm  and can be scheduled daily, a few times a week, or on an as-needed basis. Pricing starts at $20 for all services.   

Puppy pricing 8 - 20 weeks old starts at $16.50

When using our Daily Dog Walking Service, you can relax knowing your dog is in good hands and getting the affection and exercise he or she deserves.

Off-leash Dog Park 

There are few things in life a dog loves more than running off-leash with their canine comrades. We will pick up your pup and drop them back off. 

We travel around to different dog parks in Lake County!

Space is limited and dogs must be up to date with all shots.

$25 per dog Monday - Friday  8am-1pm

Off Leash Dog Park Adventures

Cat Care

Cats run the household, its a fact!  We know this, we respect this and we honor it!  We will treat your feline like they are Royalty.    Our Cat care is simple, we clean all litter boxes, we change out the water bowls with fresh water, food and medication if needed.

Cat visits are an important part of our business especially during the holidays.

We know cats prefer to stay at home and have us come over for a nice visit. Cat visits are usually around 20 minutes and we will give our feline friends all the TLC that they need to ensure that when you come home it will be to a happy kitty.

Wags2Whiskers  has the experience to handle any requirement that may arise including eye/ear drops, giving pills & insulin shots.

We are proud to offer you peace of mind when entrusting the care of your feline to us!!

Visits start at $20

Thank you guys for going the extra mile in caring for our dog, Aspen. You went above and beyond. We couldn’t be more grateful for your care. Aspen thanks you as well!
— Andy
Lois walks and sits for us. When our Aussie was being treated for lymphoma, she did an excellent job with a special diet and drugs.
— Maureen